Sarah Callander Beckett – High Sheriff of Cheshire 2017 – 2018

Sarah Callander Beckett - High Sheriff of Cheshire 2017 – 2018Welcome to the website for the High Sheriff of Cheshire. I hope that you will find it useful to learn more about the historic role of the High Sheriff and how that is being carried out in Cheshire today.

The High Sheriff is appointed by Her Majesty the Queen to represent her in the County of Cheshire in matters relating to law and order. I am delighted and honoured to have been appointed as the High Sheriff for 2017/18 and look forward to working with and supporting the Police; Judges; Magistrates; Coroners; the Prison and Probation Services, the emergency services , all branches of the Armed Forces, Local Authorities and all recognised church and faith groups

During my term of office, I will seek to highlight the issues and challenges faced by the rural communities across the county and to work with those charities, organisations and individuals committed to support and eradicate them. I will also seek to highlight and celebrate the contribution of rural businesses, tourism and entrepreneurial spirit to the lifeblood of these important areas throughout the county.

I will also be working with the Cheshire Community Foundation and Crimebeat. These charities undertake extraordinary work within our communities and I am looking forward to supporting them over the coming months.

Please visit the Charity page for further information on these organisations.

Commenting on her appointment, Sarah Callander Beckett said: “It is a huge honour to have been asked to hold such a privileged position as the High Sheriff of Cheshire and I accept with pride and commitment. I look forward to serving the communities of Cheshire in line with a custom and tradition of over 1000 years”.

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