The Rendevous Club annual fundraiser lunch at Nunsmere Hall Hotel – introductory address

24 April 2017

My first speech! Given to a group of 200 women involved in variety of businesses across Cheshire who support 4 local Cheshire charities and ensure the monies go directly to the charity programme itself and are not swallowed up in admin costs. This year’s recipients were Street Pastors who go out on the weekends to support the police and medical services under pressure from excessive weekend binge drinking and drug taking. School Pastors giving breakfast and clean clothes to young schoolchildren from deprived areas; Providing a holiday for a teenage child carer who is his parents’ only care support and the Northwich Salvation Army shelter working with homeless people. Was quite nervous but it went fine – was suddenly asked to precis three minutes into one!! organised by the energetic Margaret Hickson and Barbara Epstein and only been going for only 5 years. After lunch entertainment was a Revue by Judth Hibbert, mother of Poldark’s Demelza!

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